Courses: Private

Our primary training is performed in the Schweizer Model 300C helicopter, long considered to be the finest piston engine powered training helicopter.  Our curriculum and training are FAA-141 approved.


1.  Obtain an FAA medical certificate
2.  Pass an FAA knowledge exam
3.  Obtain required flight time
** Dual Instruction - 25 hours
** Solo Instruction - 10 hours
** minimum time required by FAA

4.  Pass an FAA Practical exam

The Private Course includes 35 hours of ground instruction.

This course is designed to incorporate both flying and ground school together.  We encourage our students to attend a session of ground school and then fly.  It is the best way to reinforce the new skills learned in the classroom.

Not sure if this is what you want?  Come take a 20 minute introduction flight with us, where we will get you up in the air and on the controls!  Afterwards you can sit down with an instructor to answer any questions you might have.